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          6902 Village Parkway In Dublin - Across The Street From Dublin Main Post Office 925-230-1020

          Millennium Spa
is a place of true relaxation. Enjoy the soft music, the aromatherapy scents, the dim lighting, and a cup of hot tea. Then enjoy the touch of seasoned professionals. The Spa is a place of wellness and refuge. We are known not only for our pampering and relaxation, but also for our intense corrective treatments. Ask for our Spa Packages, Massage Packages, and Spa Facial Packages.

Sports & Medical Massages

Do you suffer from
neck, shoulder or back pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, knee pain, numbness/tingling or pinched nerve. Then ask for Robert, our Sports & Medical Massage specialist.

1. Medical Massage chronic pain/injuries
2. Neuromuscular Therapy
3. Myofascial Release-breaking up patterns of muscles that cause postural problems and pain
4. Sports Massage-allowing for flexible and explosive movements
5. Trigger Point Therapy
-breaking patterns of pain& tight muscles

  Robert will treat the whole body, using a combination of medical massage, myofascial release, sports massage and trigger point therapy to deactivate holding patterns of pain in muscle bellies and break up adhesions and scar tissues. He also use pin-stretch and muscle energy techniques. His vibrational energy technique releases the deepest layers of muscles that often are the cause of back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, whiplash, sciatica, plantar fasciaitis and injuries. Experience the difference with his unique vibrational energy technique. Craniosacral therapy with special neck and scalp work can increase alertness and balance”

     The benefits of massage are increased with frequency.
     Millennium Spa
offers the following massage series to encourage a regular massage practice. A series of massages has no expiration date. You may also share a series or redeem an individual service for a gift certificate. 

                                               MASSAGE SERIES

                            THREE 60 MINUTE MASSAGE SERIES $165.00
                         Value: $195/ Cost Per Massage $55.00/ $30 Savings

                                SIX 60 MINUTE MASSAGE SERIES  $294.00
                         Value: $660/ Cost Per Massage $49.00/ $96 Savings

                               SIX 90 MINUTE MASSAGE SERIES $414.00
                         Value: $450/ Cost Per Massage $69.00/ $126 Savings

                                           ANNUAL WEEKLY  SERIES
                           60 MINUTE CUSTOMIZED MASSAGE  (52 massages)
                                                    cost: $2340

                         Value: $3380 / Cost Per Massage: $45.00/ $1040 Savings